Managed Failover

Fully Managed, Diverse Failover Options to Ensure “Always On” Network Connectivity

Your network connection is critical to your business, whether it’s processing credit cards, updating inventory status from multiple locations, tracking just-in-time inventory or just responding to email. A loss in network connectivity is frustrating, expensive and can result in poor customer experience.

American Telesis delivers network access technologies for both primary and secondary failover data circuits based on your specific bandwidth and redundancy requirements. With fully managed, diverse failover solutions to maximize network uptime and performance at all your locations your business can continue to function as normal, even if primary circuits are down.

Our network is composed of Fiber, DSL, VDSL, and Cable to deliver a diverse connection for “always on” reliability.

American Telesis is your single provider across the U.S. for all your connections so you don’t have to deal with multiple providers.

American Telesis will install a failover router which constantly monitors the primary circuit. As soon as a failure is detected on the primary circuit it automatically connects the backup circuit and starts routing traffic over that path instead. American Telesis offers broadband failover options, enabling you the optimum balance of protection and performance versus downtime for your specific business needs.

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