Market Data Provider Implements Updated Ethernet over SONET WAN Network

Market Data Provider

Financial Services

Fortune 500

The Challenge
This market data provider is one of the leading brokerage companies for wholesale financial markets and commercial real estate domestically and around the world. With over sixty sites that needed access to diverse data centers, this customer required a unique data network with reliable and low latency connections to other financial institutions.

The legacy solution of a bonded T1 network was underperforming as remote offices were experiencing increasing slowness and frequent connection outages caused by the aging copper infrastructure and limited bandwidth links.
It was decided a new network was required to increase the speed and reliability of the connections. To do this, the network would need to be delivered via fiber and speeds needed to range from 10Mb to 100Mb.

American Telesis Solutions

 Ethernet over SONET circuit delivery
 Project management for delivery of complex networks into remote sites
 Redundancy and network resiliency with a Layer 2 implementation
Remote network monitoring with proactive notification of any issues in the network

The Result
After the Market Data Provider put out an RFP, American Telesis was selected because we were able to tailor a solution to meet this MDP’s exact needs. This included the ability to scale the network into each remote site, the ability to deliver Layer 2, the ability to provide redundancy into remote financial institutions and provide robust NOC service.
American Telesis utilized Ethernet over SONET to connect 60+ remote locations to multiple data centers. The use of EoS allowed for lower latency which improved application performance and, with the addition of constant network monitoring, American Telesis could quickly identify problems and in some cases, identify them before an outage occurred.
Layer 2 Ethernet allowed for easier upgrades. Limited network interruptions for upgrades allowed them to manage the costs of their network with greater efficiency, and the use of fiber delivery provided a more reliable connection. The constant network monitoring by American Telesis decreased the pressure placed on the customer’s IT staff which allowed them to perform other tasks, ultimately saving the firm money.

Download the PDF here – CaseStudy_FinancialFirm

Market Data Provider Implements Updated Ethernet over SONET WAN Network
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