56kbps Digital

American Telesis’ Digital Data Service (DDS) is a DS-0 level (64Kbps) dedicated end-to-end digital private line service designed to support critical data applications. Provided with digital local access, DDS is designed for full-time synchronous transmission at 56Kbps.


  • 56Kbps synchronous digital data transmission
  • High-speed (Group IV) digital facsimile transmission
  • 56Kbps compressed video teleconferencing
  • Digitized voice transmission


  • Segregated network architecture with Extended Super-frame (ESF)
  • DCS-to-DCS systems
  • Specialized DDS technical support team and maintenance staff
  • End-to-end service coordinating and billing
  • Exceptional Inter-exchange Channel (IXC) performance standards:
    • 99.95% Error-Free Seconds (EFS) – measured over 24 consecutive hours*
    • 99.85% Availability – measured over 12 consecutive months*
    • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) – objective of 4 hours
    • * Varies based on circuit length
    • Compatible with Bellcore and other industry standards for 56Kbps DDS private line service

Service Options

  • Secondary Channel capability
  • Access Reconfiguration capability
  • DS-1 access capability
  • Diverse Routing capability
56kbps Digital
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