Specialty Circuits

56kbps Digital

American Telesis’ Digital Data Service (DDS) is a DS-0 level (64Kbps) dedicated end-to-end digital private line service designed to support critical data applications. Provided with digital local access, DDS is designed for full-time synchronous transmission at 56Kbps. Applications 56Kbps synchronous digital data transmission High-speed (Group IV) digital facsimile transmission 56Kbps compressed video teleconferencing Digitized voice […]

DS-0 Analog Data & Voice

American Telesis’ DS-0 Service is a 64Kbps dedicated digital inter-exchange channel service. Using analog voice frequency (VF) local access, DS-0 Service will support the transmission of analog voice and/or data within the frequency range of 300 – 3000 Hz. DS-0 Service with VF access combines the quality and reliability of digital long haul transmission with […]

Foreign Exchanges (FX)

Foreign Exchange (FX) service provides local telephone service from a central office that is outside the subscriber’s exchange area. A user picks up the phone in one city and receives a dial tone in another (foreign) city. This service gives people located in the foreign city the ability to place a local call to the […]

Off-Premises Extensions (OPX)

An Off-Premises Extension (OPX) is a dedicated circuit connecting a distant location to a main PBX to provide the same phone system features available at the main location. Answering services, small businesses and people working from a home or remote office often use these circuits. This service is not specific to any vertical market. Off-Premises […]

Forked Ring Down

Business Continuity Planning is near the top of every telecom and IT manager’s list of concerns. There are numerous ways to implement solutions that protect the trading floor environment, but some of those options can be cumbersome to implement and manage. Carrier re-direct options within the POP are very useful, but circuit lists are often […]

Manual Ring Down (MRD)

A Manual Ring Down (MRD) is a dedicated circuit connecting two locations to provide an immediate voice connection. Signaling must be done manually from either location. Experience the professional company that exceeds your expectations.

Automatic Ring Down

Auto-Ring Down is a leased voice circuit that connects two single endpoints together. When either telephone handset is taken off-hook, the remote telephone automatically rings. This application is used most frequently for brokerage firms, banks, Wall Street firms and applications that require immediate verbal responses. Since ARDs and Hoot’n’Hollers are popular with Wall Street and […]

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