Automatic Ring Down

Auto-Ring Down is a leased voice circuit that connects two single endpoints together. When either telephone handset is taken off-hook, the remote telephone automatically rings. This application is used most frequently for brokerage firms, banks, Wall Street firms and applications that require immediate verbal responses.

Since ARDs and Hoot’n’Hollers are popular with Wall Street and Recycling Companies, American Telesis has specialized in both types of circuits. We provision them locally (Metro) as well as Long Haul. Our network reach spans the globe.

This type of voice-grade analog circuit is considered a specialty circuit in that the Bell codes for signaling on both ends are not coded the same on each side, as are most other types of circuits. This is called a 2-state signaling scheme, based upon the use of the “A-Bit”. Like many other voice-grade analog circuits, it can be ordered either as a 2 or 4 wire connection based on the requirement of the customer’s terminating equipment. If any of the segments of the tail circuits into the customer’s premise are in excess of 6 miles, the circuit should be ordered up as a 4 wire. This is followed with a hybrid station pack at the customer site to break it back down to 2 wires for their equipment.

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Automatic Ring Down
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