Network Monitoring Services Making a Difference

Stories from the Front Lines

We help make running the network easier.
American Telesis works with companies to improve their uptime and performance with our network and equipment monitoring services. These customer experiences tell the story for us.

Back to School Blues
It was the first day of a new semester. At 5:52am, the volunteer IT support staff for a parochial school received a text from the American Telesis NOC informing them that their dedicated 3mb Internet circuit was down. The American Telesis staff had already opened a trouble ticket to start isolating the issue and found they were unable to test to the router. The IT support staff went to the school and discovered that the UPS connected to the router had failed. A quick replacement of the UPS had the router and all services back up by 7:05am, before the teachers had time to panic. The immediate notification from American Telesis made it possible to start the new semester off right!

Mystery Utilization
A global network customer noticed very slow network traffic into a CA site. American Telesis, the Internet circuit provider, reported 24×7 over-utilization of the circuit. The customer could not isolate the source of the constant utilization, so they contacted their equipment vendor for help. That vendor could not isolate the issue. American Telesis added this customer site to our router monitoring systems and immediately saw the problem. In addition to 100% circuit utilization, the router CPU was running at 98%. By providing the customer with this data, they were able to get their equipment vendor to replace the router. The installation of a new router immediately solved the issue as the old router had been compromised. The additional monitoring tools supplied by American Telesis gave the customer the insight they needed to get their network back up to speed.

American Telesis network monitoring services give your IT department the tools to improve the user experience every day. Let us help maximize your network assets.

Oh Where, Oh Where did my bandwidth go?
A manufacturing firm recently added a broadband connection from a local cable provider. This new connection was in addition to their private MPLS network. While the MPLS network speeds were fine, the new cable internet connection experienced intermittent slow and sluggish performance. American Telesis added the new cable connection to our monitoring systems. After enabling NetFlow, we could identify which source and destination IP addresses were consuming the most bandwidth. It seems that the plant workers had discovered Pandora and Netflix. We were able to help the customer change their network configuration to disable the use of Netflix and limit the traffic to Pandora so that more critical applications could run smoothly.
A banking firm uses a combination of routers, switches and DACS equipment to deploy their internal network. American Telesis is able to monitor Syslog and SNMP traps in addition to availability, bandwidth and CPU. On a Tuesday night, a power supply failed in the DACS. We were able to notify the customer within minutes via text, email and phone. Because the customer has redundant power supplies, they might not have noticed the issue without our notification. They ordered a replacement power supply and had it installed on Friday night. Two weeks later, the other power supply failed. Due to the proactive notifications from American Telesis, the customer avoided a major outage.

Download the PDF here –CaseStudy_NetworkMonitoring

Network Monitoring Services Making a Difference
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