International Industrial Mineral Supplier Employs Managed Services to Prioritize Applications


International Industrial Minerals Supplier


10,000 seats; 228 Sites

The Challenge

This Industrial Mineral Supplier (IMS) is a Belgium-based company with 228 production sites in 41 countries. A team of 10,000 is dispersed throughout these sites to extract and process a broad range of non-metallic industrial minerals.

IMS had a number of applications deployed such as Citrix, Tandberg, for voice and video, as well as SaaS applications like This created a complex network for business applications and left other business critical applications performing poorly. This poor application performance would result in severely decreased production and increased costs.

140 are in hard to reach locations and primarily use internet. This required the IMS to integrate and manage a hybrid network where traditional MPLS was combined with Internet access.

The main objective was to deliver business continuity and maximum end-user experience throughout the entire network for an affordable price. Collaboration and team-efficiency was dependent on the implementation of voice and video via the Tandberg platform, and in house applications had to run smoothly over a diverse network. In order for all these pieces to work together IMS needed control of application performance in their network.

American Telesis Solutions

 Application centric reports to deliver complete overview of network traffic and end user experience
 Proactive notification of issues and decreased performance
 Internal monitoring, control and prioritization of applications
 Dynamically use all available bandwidth resources

The Result

American Telesis was able to tailor a solution that improved and protected the performance of critical applications while utilizing a hybrid MPLS and Internet. Additionally, the branch costs are easily managed and they were able to avoid flying IT staff to 22 of the sites.
The application centric reports delivered by American Telesis allow the IMS to have a bird’s-eye-view of the network traffic in their global network. The easy to read tools and proactive alerts enabled IT staff to address issues quickly and even before they affect user performance.
The managed service provided by American Telesis provides IMS with business continuity and maximizes network performance that resulted in their goals of greater team efficiency and employee productivity all while staying in budget.

Download the PDF here –CaseStudy_MineralSupplier


International Industrial Mineral Supplier Employs Managed Services to Prioritize Applications
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