Private Line

Private Line

Secure, Reliable Point-to-Point Connections

Private Lines remain the workhorse for point to point data connectivity. Whether connecting enterprise locations, connecting enterprises to the Internet or interconnecting data centers, Private Line solutions remain the technology of choice for businesses in search of reliable, secure data communications services.

Advanced benefits of a private line solution include:

  • No limitations due to network congestion
  • Guaranteed throughput
  • No restrictions based on time of day or day of the week
  • Constant and predictable latency
  • A secure, dedicated channel
  • A predictable price without usage based variations

American Telesis makes private line solutions easy through:

  • Ease of installation through the coordination of a Nitel project manager
  • High quality networks from over 100 top carriers nationwide
  • Simplified repair processes with a single point of contact
  • Flexible billing options that allow multiple lines to be grouped on a single invoice

Managed services and “white Label services” available with T1 (DS1) T3 (DS3), OCx, FE and GigE.

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