Ethernet Service

Ethernet Service


Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service combines the simplicity of Ethernet with the security and dedicated bandwidth of a private line service. Sophisticated networks with growing bandwidth needs can take advantage the affordability of an Ethernet interface and the efficiency of a dedicated private line.

EPL is an ideal solution for networks supporting mission critical applications and sensitive data where low latency, reliability and security are required. IT departments can take advantage of a familiar technology while maintaining complete control over how and when to share traffic between sites.

American Telesis has a wide footprint including multiple last-mile options for your end-user locations:

  • Ethernet over fiber
  • Ethernet over copper
  • Ethernet over DS1/ Ethernet over DS3
  • Ethernet over DOCSIS


As carriers and service providers look to build value for their clients, they need a partner that can deliver network services in every reach of the United States. With an expansive nationwide network, American Telesis can be that partner. We help carriers and service providers:

  • Extend their network into new territories
  • Extend network to reach diverse client locations
  • Enable a more robust product offering


Accelerate your network expansion plans by connecting with American Telesis at any of our strategically location points of presence. You will get instant nationwide access, including access to over 500,000 fiver-lit CLEC buildings where our clients typically see the most competitive pricing.


Reduce Cost with a Single Source

With every new vendor you onboard, you incur costs to negotiate a contract, implement ordering and provisioning processes and integrate with their pricing and network operations functions. With our network as your single source, you benefit from a robust national reach while minimizing the number of vendors you need to work with.


Layer 2 Transparency

American Telesis offers Ethernet Access Service (E-Access), which doesn’t require coordination of IP addressing or routing. This provides a high level of transparency ideal for carriers and service providers.



Layer your own MPLS, voice or other service on top of Ethernet Service to provide robust, custom offerings to your clients.

Choose 1GB or 10GB for your ENNI, UNIs range from 2MB to 1GB over fiver, copper, DS1, DS3. Point- to- point or point- to- multipoint configurations are available.

Scalable from 3 mb to 10 Gig

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