Network Management Services

American Telesis will customize as complex or as simple a management service as your Wide Area Network requires. Foreseeing problems in your network before they occur is the essence of American Telesis’ Network Management Solution. Providing network managers with a service that shifts their point of engagement from post-fault resolution to pre-fault identification allows them time to take corrective action before users, customers and the bottom-line are affected.

IT professionals are under increasing pressure to build and expand network infrastructures with more limited resources, budgets, and staffing. An American Telesis Managed Services solution affords network support personnel the time to be more effective and efficient, providing increased uptime and network availability.

An American Telesis Network Management Solution offers your enterprise:

  • Reduced network management cost
  • Timely access to critical network status information
  • Reduction in internal support headcount expenses
  • Reduced mean-time-to-restoration
  • Improved network availability
  • Detailed performance reporting and analysis

American Telesis will proactively monitor network devices 24×7 to locate and resolve trouble conditions as quickly as possible. When a trouble condition is discovered, a ticket will be automatically created starting the process for our engineers to resolve the situation. In many instances we will have discovered the trouble, opened a ticket and started to isolate the problem before you are even aware of the outage. Outages will undoubtedly occur, but proactive monitoring and quick resolution can keep the duration of outages to a minimum.

Performance Reporting and Alerts
American Telesis enables you to make the on-going planning decisions to maximize network quality. With network usage increasing dynamically, what works today may not work tomorrow. As your network changes, our performance reporting ensures that you stay several steps ahead.

  • Monthly Availability Reports
    •  Statistics on network delay and availability for the previous month
  • Performance Queries
    • Predefined reports of high or low utilization
    • Custom reports based on a number of parameters, i.e. circuit speed, date   ranges, times of day, etc.
  • WAN Performance Analysis
    • Reported twice annually to optimize network cost-performance
  • Bandwidth Alerts
    • Real-time notification when sites exceed customer-defined bandwidth utilization

American Telesis relieves the need for additional headcount, expensive management and monitoring tools, and helps avoid unpredictable expense fluctuations. You’ll be able to focus on your core business and proactively enhance your information infrastructure.

Network Management Services
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