Network Management Services

American Telesis will customize as complex or as simple a management service as your Wide Area Network requires. Foreseeing problems in your network before they occur is the essence of American Telesis’ Network Management Solution. Providing network managers with a service that shifts their point of engagement from post-fault resolution to pre-fault identification allows them […]

Hoot ‘n Holler

American Telesis specializes in providing Hoot’n’Holler services to Brokerage Houses, Commodity Traders, Recycling Vendors and Automotive and Airline parts traders. Designing the network – We design these bridged networks based on price considerations as well as ease of maintenance. Knowing a hum can ruin a perfectly good network we only use digital bridge cards and build […]

Ethernet Networks

American Telesis provides Ethernet Private Line Services (EPL) to meet your network convergence needs. Our Ethernet Private Line Services are built on an existing private line network, guaranteeing the same speed, security and reliability you expect from a private line network, but with the benefit of an easy to use Ethernet handoff at each customer […]

MPLS Solutions

American Telesis provides unique MPLS-based (VPLS) services that allow enterprise sites in geographically dispersed locations to easily interact as part of the same LAN with the ability to accommodate transport of any WAN protocol. The network is built on one of the industry’s most reliable, all optical backbones. The strategic meshed ring architecture provides for […]

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