Hoot ‘n Holler

American Telesis specializes in providing Hoot’n’Holler services to Brokerage Houses, Commodity Traders, Recycling Vendors and Automotive and Airline parts traders.

Designing the network – We design these bridged networks based on price considerations as well as ease of maintenance. Knowing a hum can ruin a perfectly good network we only use digital bridge cards and build the network in a way as to minimize the time necessary to isolate noise and clear the line.

Provisioning the network – We are very familiar with the specific order codes necessary to complete the last mile facilities from the Bell companies. Furthermore, we are in constant contact with the senior technicians at the Bell Technical Centers with analog hoot experience. Our first priority is to ensure your site or yard is prepared for the new circuit. We take the time to get to know each of your locations, key contacts, phone numbers, and demarcation information as well as the optimal placement of our jacks. Confirmation of all information is provided via phone and email or fax. Installation can be performed a section at a time or the entire network walking each site through the cut-over procedure. If greater assistance is requested, we can often send one of our technicians to help facilitate
the cut-over of your sites.

Maintaining the network – This is where we really prove our worth; doing a better job maintaining these specialized networks than any other provider. Success is achieved by hiring and training technicians whose responsibility is to manage and troubleshoot Hoot’n’Hollers. If a loud test-tone is sent down your line from a Bell company, our technicians have the experience to quickly and efficiently break the bridge points to find the offending site and
immediately extract it from the bridge until the noise can be removed. You can even give us permission to pull a leg into our office so we can hear and proactively identify a hum on your line in real-time. We utilize customized software that includes every detail about your network as well as the names and numbers of most Bell specialists who have Hoot’n’Holler experience. The expertise of our technicians is unsurpassed.

Designing, provisioning and maintaining these highly specialized facilities requires knowledge, experience, and industry connections. We have dedicated account teams focused on the intricacies involved in successful Hoot’n’Holler networks. Let us design one for you.

Hoot ‘n Holler
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