Ethernet Networks

American Telesis provides Ethernet Private Line Services (EPL) to meet your network convergence needs.

Our Ethernet Private Line Services are built on an existing private line network, guaranteeing the same speed, security and reliability you expect from a private line network, but with the benefit of an easy to use Ethernet handoff at each customer site. Ethernet Private Line services provide a means by which to bridge the gap between T1 and T3 speeds by providing 3Mb, 4.5Mb, 6Mb, 7.5Mb, 9Mb, 10.5Mb and 12Mb speeds without the need for costly customer provided equipment to bond and load balance the circuits. Additionally, American Telesis’ Ethernet Private Line Services are not limited to fiber lit buildings, but instead can be delivered over existing copper facilities, opening up the networking possibilities of all customer sites. American Telesis can provide service at speeds ranging from 1.5Mb to 10Gb, from New England to California or anywhere in between.

Unlike some Ethernet offerings using the public IP network, the American Telesis Ethernet Private Line product is an ideal solution for latency sensitive data that require private line Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This solution is also perfect for security sensitive data requiring a private network with no access from the public Internet. Whether you are sending voice, video or highly sensitive data, American Telesis’ Ethernet Private Line product is a secure, fast and reliable option.


  • Ethernet private line allows for support of multiple network protocols so you can extend your existing local area network with ease
  • Avoid having to purchase expensive customer premise equipment to convert circuit signals and instead, use your existing routers, switches and hubs
  • Collapse your numerous communications networks onto one network, resulting in monthly savings
  • Bridge the gap between T1 and T3 speeds in one easy step
  • Enable new applications across your network, including VoIP and Video applications
  • Simplify you overall network operations, administration and management by avoiding the need for expensive routers at small, remote sites
  • Installation is easy when you can plug each remote site into a standard 10/100 Ethernet connection
  • Work with an American Telesis project manager to plan your network upgrade from start to finish
  • 24×7 monitoring and customer service

American Telesis is your partner for sophisticated networks and growing bandwidth needs. We will work with you to build a network that meets your convergence requirements.

American Telesis takes full responsibility for the provisioning and maintenance of the local access, the Ethernet conversion box at each customer site, as well as the network core. Our proactive approach to solving LEC maintenance issues ensures timely installations.

Ethernet Networks
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